Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Instagram is called a social media platform for a purpose. When you go to a social gathering, naturally you interact with other people and socialize with them. The same is with Instagram where you just cannot consume yourself with information, but you have to share it with others, as well as offer your viewpoints with your audience. But Instagram will not be social if there is no engagement. Instagram engagement is the latest marketing plan for businesses and brands nowadays and if you want your Instagram marketing plan to go well, you don’t just post and leave it there rather you have to make continuous efforts in engaging with your audience.

Tips to engage your audience on Instagram:

Make sure you follow these 8 marketing strategies effectively to engage with your audience:


The best way to interact with your audience is to ask a question/suggestion directly. This gives the audience a chance of personal interaction with their favorite account whom they follow rigorously. Polls can be very effective to engage with your audience because it allows people to express their opinions and be part of the conversation. Brands can use polls to understand their customers’ needs, interests, and opinions which can be really helpful for brand marketing. Instagram polls are effective because it boosts audience interaction while gaining valuable information from your followers and potential customers.

Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Encourage User Content:

Being social with your users/customers is a top priority. this can be achieved by leading them to post a good picture or a video of their experience whenever they buy a product with the creative idea of frame, light, filter, etc. You can ask your followers to do honest reviews, ratings, and testimonials. With this strategy, you’re letting their voices tell the story of your brand and you are doing marketing with them. You can also encourage them through a contest where the focus on users is to upload quality posts that you can use on your Instagram feed too. As your audience will see content from real customers, it will increase your credibility and it also comes out as your brand’s direct marketing. To encourage your audience to create content for your brand, you can use hashtags to connect with them or create out a unique phrase that reflects your brand and invite your followers to jump in.

Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Q&As Live Streams:

This Instagram feature of Live streaming offers the followers one-to-one communication. In Q&A live streaming, the host answers questions from followers. When you invite followers to ask questions as you do live stream, it uniquely provides them with personalized answers and it encourages personal connection. At the same time, you also hear feedback from your followers as they directly express what kind of information they want to hear from you. Make sure the entire live stream stays true to your brand by having a host that is engaging so it can create a memorable experience for your audience.

Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Address on Current Events:

Another effective way to encourage engagement is by addressing interesting things that are based on current events. Make sure that the content you post holds some universal value that everyone in your feed can find relevant and how it is related to your brand. Do not mix it up so much that you go off the track by focusing on other things more.

Leverage Trending Topics:

Trending topics show you what everyone is talking about on Instagram at the moment and through this, it gives you an opportunity to engage in real-time. These trending topics will give you inspiration for your next Instagram conversation. There may be a lot of trending topics at a particular time but don’t just jump right away to the bandwagon. Instead, choose what is relevant to your business. Don’t try to force just to take advantage of the trend but think about what works with your target audience. Make sure you also comment on other content as well or even share your genuine opinions. You can turn trending topics to your advantage and gain a new market and build engagement with your target audience.


Holding contests generates massive interactive content. People like to indulge in games and activities to compete, keep score, and win. You can satisfy your audience’s competitiveness by having engrossing prizes in your promotions. There will be an enthralling increase in your engagement activity if your target audience gets involved.

Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Coupons & Discounts:

You can experiment to engage with your audience with different offers like coupons & discounts to discover what your customers best respond to. To have a good promotion of your offer, it will be better to use an engaging image like photos of people using your product rather than logos. Make your discounts substantial by offering free items or a discount of up to 25%. Set an expiration that is sufficient enough for your offer to be shared among friends. And last, don’t forget to promote it.

Social Media Strategies To Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Showcase Employees, Customers & Partners:

Consider creating an advocacy program that features your employees, customers, and partners. Through this, you’re showing how you value your community, at the same time you’ve magnified your voice and engage with newcomers to express them.


If you want to see success on your Instagram, you must be willing to give, follow people, respond to them, and join conversations. Show them that you’re not existing just to make the sale, but you want to create a real and lasting relationship with your audience. We hope that you found these tips beneficial, useful, and of course engaging!